Vivitrol®, an extended-release medication that is injected once a month and immediately stops drug cravings. Vivitrol is a safe medication that that helps the brain to heal from the changes that have occurred during the drug use.  Vivitrol itself is not an opioid, is not addictive and does not cause dependence. A patient who has been treated with Vivitrol and then takes opiates will not get sick or feel high, absolutely nothing will occur. Patients quickly learn that they might as well throw their money in the garbage before spending it on these drugs. Treatment with medication along with ongoing substance-abuse therapy and support offers patients a lifeline. Our patients have had remarkable success with Vivitrol.  They tell us that they no longer crave or even think about opiates and they feel they have finally broken the chains of addiction. 


Eden Laikin, the Director of Government Research for Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, speaks about Nassau County’s Newest Treatment for Opiate Addiction. Also featuring our guest speaker, Dr. Russell Surasky, a Neurologist, who discusses the new revolutionary medication to treat heroin and pain pill addiction to prevent relapse.